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Wednesday, Jan. 3:       NEW YEARS BREAK
Wednesday, Jan. 10:     Pizza                                       Epiphany Night   
Wednesday, Jan. 17:     BBQ Sandwich                 Martin Luther King, Jr. Night
Wednesday, Jan. 24:     Frito Chili Pie                   Mexican Fiesta Night             
Wednesday, Jan. 31:     Grilled Cheese/Soup     Super Bowl Night

Wednesday, Feb. 7:      Lasagna                                  Heart of the Church Night
Wednesday, Feb. 14:    ASH WEDNESDAY BREAK
Wednesday, Feb. 21:    Beef Nachos                        Mexican Fiesta Night
Wednesday, Feb. 28:    Breakfast                               Pajama Night

Wednesday, Mar. 7:     Pizza                                          Italian Night
Wednesday, Mar. 14:   Tacos                                        Mexican Fiesta Night
Wednesday, Mar. 21:   SPRING BREAK
Wednesday, Mar. 28:   HOLY WEEK BREAK

Wednesday, Apr. 4:      Hotdogs                                    Baseball Night
Wednesday, Apr. 11:    Pizza                                          Italian Night
Wednesday, Apr. 18:    Cold Cut Sandwich          Earth Day Night            
Wednesday, Apr. 25:    Hamburgers/Hotdogs    Celebration Night